Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Digital Citizenship

If you want to be a responsible digital citizen, you need to know these things. The first thing is cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is never okay. Even if you think it is just a joke,  other people might think its not, and feeling will get hurt. Next is plagiarism, or copyright. If you do this it is taking someone else's work or ideas. If you take a picture that someone else took and used it as your own, that is plagiarism, if you don't give the person who took it credit. After that, is searching the internet. If you use correct keywords, correct information will show up. If you don't check to make sure the information is true you might not get a good grade if its for homework or studying for a test. The final thing is phone or technology safety. If your not sure if its a good or bad idea, don't do it.If your chatting with someone online but you don't know who they are, get off the chat and log out, then get an adult. Never use your phone while crossing the street, the cars might not see you, and you might not see the cars.